Art Resin at Kaleidoscope

Its the end of the first week of a two month stint of my exhibition “Kaleidoscope:An exhibition of modern abstract art” at The Circle. Featured in my exhibition are 4 artworks that have been treated with a high gloss epoxy resin from ArtResin.

From the various materials and mediums I use for my artworks ArtResin is my favourite due to the high gloss flawless finish and the way colours are enhanced in paintings. In my last exhibition I encouraged visitors to touch Art Resin coated artworks because they were fascinated by the glass-like finish.

Fortunately all ArtResin coated artworks featured at my last Kaleidoscope exhibition all sold, so I’m hoping for a similar outcome for my current exhibition.



Two new artworks “Gecko Hype I and II”  are my homage to mathematician/artist M.C.Escher, these artworks are better viewed at the Circle’s gallery space in person, hope you can make it















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