Artist’s Statement

Welcome to ErrolSweetlandArt, I am a local Sheffield artist, passionate about abstract art. My abstract artworks incorporate a mixture of abstract painting styles, vibrant colours, detailed patterns, complex shapes and forms.

I create my artworks using a mixture of mediums, with strong vivid colours, each painting is a journey of discovery and experimentation, balancing contrasting and matching colours, moving paint across the canvas with a combination of energetic, controlled, random, broad, complex and detailed movements.

Inspiration for my work comes from a multitude of sources, ideas and observations from the world around me. Like any journey of discovery, I often set out not always knowing where the journey will end, but results in a somewhat improvised finished painting with it’s own unique energy and quality.

What I find most rewarding about painting abstract art is that each person viewing my art, formulates their own interpretation on what they see and what they like. I hope you enjoy browsing the website.

If you have any queries on purchasing an original painting, ordering a print, commissioning work or if you just want to leave a comment, contact me via the contact page.