Naomi Gordon co-founder and Centre Manager of 35 Chapel Walk Art Space, Sheffield. Open since 2013, 35 Chapel Walk Art Space promotes creativity, community and spirituality.

I’m a lover of the abstract, the grey space, liminal space and the room for questions; this is my preferred space to be creative from and this is beautifully explored by Errol. He invites the viewer immediately into his process, his practice is heavily process based and we are welcomed in. I find myself imagining Errol at work in his studio, lost in his rhythmic, repetitive actions, totally focused on the materials. The balance that the artist strikes with regards to ‘chance’ and ‘decision’ is fascinating; he will move paint around the board or canvas unable to predict what exact shapes will be made.
Recent artworks has seen Errol meticulously cut shapes from his paintings as he re-imagines his abstract artworks as finished figurative pieces (see Gecko Hype I & II and Jazz Player I & II). Although an interesting middle ground, this doesn’t distract from Errol’s main priority and that is to enable each viewer to interpret the shapes, tones and textures in their own way, taking away something totally different from the person standing next to them.